Engineered / Large Pumps

Engineered Pump Division :
  • The division is based in Kolkata and has 3 plants with manufacturing area of 20000 M².
  • Computerized test facility for testing large pumps, Power – 4 MW Capacity - 45000 M³/H. Being upgraded to 8 MW & Capacity – 60000 M³/H.
  • Metallic Volute Pumps for high head Irrigation Applications.
  • Concrete Volute Pumps for large flows upto 80000 M³/H for Drainage Applications.
  • More than 50 years of supplying Engineered Pumps for Critical Applications.

Engineering capabilities:
  • Engineering centre provides complete Hydraulic support for all Applications including various Simulation studies.
  • Sump model studies in both physical and computer simulation form.
  • Hydraulic blade profiles are analyzed for optimum performance.